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Summer Camps 2021

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Day Camps

An incredible amount of young people attend the day camps each year. The wonderful weather in Nisporeni has always provides a fantastic opportunity to be outside but with the new church facilities it was amazing to extend the activities inside . Each day is filled with games, bible discussions, drama, snacks/small meal and an opportunity to get to know the children of the community. It is especially heart warming to see the youth help out and lead sessions. A wonderful future is ahead :)

Camp 2021

The Scottish team was so disappointed not be able to join our brothers and sisters for camp but we watched on with love and our prayers. It was a reduced camp due to COVID restrictions but that did not stop the usual activities. Each day begins with exercise, breakfast and the morning talk. Then there are different activities, arts and crafts and sports to choose from. After lunch there are more opportunities for camp games, art and sport and it gives the opportunity for each team to work on daily challenges and prepare for the evening programme. The evening programme is like a game show with games and watching the chosen team's performance. This is followed by a beautiful time of worship and a testimony or short talk. The evening is wrapped up with a fire and singing.

Camps 2021: Programs
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