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Latest news - February 2023

As the war in Ukraine gets ever closer to Moldova please remember the gospel ministry there. Our Pastor Support project helps keep Pastor Alex and his wife Nina serving the Lord in Nisporeni despite the dangers and challenges. If you want to help with this ministry please message or email

Romans 10:14 "How then will they call onhim in whom they have not believed? And how are they to believe in him of whom they have never heard? And how are they to hear without someone preaching?"

What's been happening?

A very successful soup and pudding was held in Back free Church, Isle of Lewis, to raise funds. There was a wonderful turn out and the support from the community in Back continues to be such an encouragement. A fantastic sum of 

£1334.60 was raised.

Many thanks to all who contributed financially, providing soups and puddings, serving, setting up, dishes and tidying. 

Mihai completed a 10K obstacle race as part of the 'Wolf Run.' He raised £400 and his workplace, Boohoo, matched this which gave him a total £800! Amazing!

Keep an eye out for future fundraising for summer camp. If you would like to support the work of camps head to our donate page. 

Our work, focus and prayers are on the war in Ukraine. We have a dedicated page that give updates on the refugee crisis in Moldova where our partners are working, supporting and delivering aid. Click here to find the latest information. 

Community Projects 

Currently we are running our Winter Fuel Fund. The increase in gas, electricity and food prices has left those who were already struggling in a worse situation than before. The photos show those who have received wood or coal to help keep them warm. 

The church has been very busy distributing meals and food packages. Food prices in Moldova have doubled in the last few months but with wages/pensions remaining the same it has been a struggle.  This has all been made possible by the money raised by WfM (Women for Mission) for which we are so thankful to God and for His timing. It has been a real blessing and reminder to persevere and remain faithful and patient in God. The photos show some of those who have received food and meals including a lunch and weekly shopping for the Children's Home.

Keep an eye out for further improvements and activities to help support, love and share with the community. 

Church & Youth Work

BESTYouth Facebook 

The youth were delighted to have Tudor back home over Christmas and New Year. He is working in Germany for a while and we would covet your prayers for him. 

Latest Pastor Support Update

 Pastor Support Newsletter 

Pastor Alex is very busy with his sermons, youth work and visiting the congregation. He has been vital in encouraging the community, especially during Covid and the restrictions. 

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