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Rent for Ukrainian Families

January 2023
We have committed to another 3 months rent for 3 Ukrainian families who are staying in Moldova as the war continues to devastate the people and land.  This provides them with security and stability.

Week beginning 11.4.22

Pastor Alex and Pastor Petru to continue to work tirelessly, along with others, to get aid to the refugees in Moldova and sending aid to the Ukraine. 
Pastor Alex, " The food and other stuff that we donated with your support, are going to 11 churches in Ukraine, to different towns, such as Kiev, Kharkov, etc... The churches give it away there, and are going where the convoy can't go."

Medical supplies

"We bought meds for children, baby food and some hygiene stuff. We also donated an iron and 15 extension leads as the plugs at the Nisporeni refugee centre are too high on the walls - Soviet union style." Pastor Alex

Buses arriving with refugees from Ukraine and buses going to the Ukraine with supplies

"We bought food and hygiene stuff that will go to Ukraine to Kiev and other area. We rented a bus for this
a pastor from Chișinău who is going himself to Ukraine to deliver them with a convoy of food busses." Pastor Alex

Supplies continue to be sent to the border

Here we went to a border with România, near Nisporeni There is a tent which provides with food, hot drinks, water (real need), sometimes even clothes or shoes This is the first bus going to Cluj Romania.
Partnerships have been a great source of encouragement to our friends in Nisporeni. Here we have a wee update from Pastor Alex. ‘We bought food etc and donated it to a church in Chișinău that organizes supplies to Ukraine. Then, somewhere in Ukraine, they meet other Christian drivers that take the food on to Kiev.’


A new family has arrived at the flat. We pray for them and their families left behind.

Buying provisions  15/3/22

Pastor Alex, Pastor Petru and Andrei have been carrying out big shops. Although food prices in Moldova are extortionate we are thankful to have so many supporters who have contributed to being able to purchase quality food.

Pastor Alex and Pastor Petru took supplies to the border, delivered aid to the shelter in Nisporeni and transported refugees. Thankful for all the efforts being made by the church and the church family in Nisporeni.

Throughout the years Moldova Support Group has been able to continue promoting our causes through the kind and generous donations of our members and partners. Don’t stop the good fight now — your help will help us continue our work in helping the needy individuals of San Francisco. Together we can make a difference!

The church has been transformed into lots of beds for the refugees. They are fed, supported and loved as they plan their next steps. We continue to pray and support our Moldovan friends and pray for the refugees.

The first refugees arrived. They were collected from the border. We continue to pray and support our Moldovan friends and pray for the refugees.

Vlad has been driving back and forth to the border collecting refugees. Here he is with some of the group of ladies and young boy.

For those who want to get familiar with how we work, this is a great way to cover all the bases. Your support will move mountains for those in need. Contact us today to learn what becoming a member really means. We can guarantee the citizens of San Francisco will be forever grateful.

Two families have arrived and are settled in the Friendship Flat. This is the flat that we as a team use when we go on our trips. The flat has always been a very special place to us all.


Sign up for this today. Your support will provide crucial funding for our activities, events and programs. Together we will be able to make a change in the way the citizens of San Francisco are being treated and see to it that things start changing. Get in touch now to start making great contributions through your membership.

Our dear friends in Moldova are helping the Ukrainians and showing them love and hospitality.
The children are playing and being entertained and are part of the children activities. 
The number staying fluctuates every few days and most people are in transit to other countries. There are also people staying in the church and another two families in the Friendship Flat.

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