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What we do

The Moldova Support Group was constituted on 31st May 2016 in Stornoway, Isle of Lewis and is a registered Scottish charity. It works with Biserica Sfânta Treime (Holy Trinity Church) in Nisporeni to promote the preaching of the Gospel in this region of the Republic of Moldova,  while also helping them develop the economic, social and community wellbeing of the people in and around Nisporeni.

There are nine Trustees, five of whom are on the Executive Board and we communicate regularly with our dear friends in Nisporeni. We take our lead from our brothers and sisters in Moldova and are guided on priorities by the church leaders in Nisporeni. We believe in working together, encouraging and supporting the church and the community spiritually, materially or physically. 

The charity has a Christian care for the welfare of each individual and seeks to ensure its activities are conducted safely. In particular, we seek to protect and safeguard all those who are especially vulnerable, both children and vulnerable adults, with whom it comes into contact through its activities and services. We follow the safeguarding guidance from the Free Church of Scotland

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